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by Dr. Rashmira Balasuriya 


The answer would be a big fat hell NO! I had a phenomenal trip to Bali – filled with lots of adventures and food – just the way I like it. This was my second trip to Bali. Bali is the perfect mix of east meets west. There is a HUGE expat community in Bali, mixing up the cultures and providing the best of both worlds. I spent half my time soaking up the culture and exploring the outskirts of Ubud, and the other half eating my way through Seminyak.

Some of the reasons why I love Bali so much is because:

  1. It is one of the few countries we Sri Lankans do NOT need visa for.
  2. Accommodation and food can be found for super cheap!
  3. There are loads of places to explore.

Listed below are my top 5 restaurants in Seminyak, Bali (in no particular order), which you should definitely try out if you ever visit. Many cute restaurants are vegan, plant-based or vegetarian (of which I am none) and so it takes quite a bit of effort to sort through the many many restaurants. They all vary in price range and cuisine so click on the links to access their menus. Also how are all the local Balinese people so happy all the time? I need to know this. Skip to the end for some useful tips when navigating the beautiful island of Bali.

A friend recommended this restaurant to me and it was probably the best dining experience I have ever had. The staff were very welcoming and friendly – ever ready to help you decipher a somewhat elaborate menu that might not be easily understood by every diner. They have a sharing plates concept so we ordered 8 plates to share between my husband and I – and boy were our minds blown! The texture of the different ingredients with the different flavours made for an unique tasting experience. The potato gnochchi with sage butter and gorgonzola cream was a dish of my dreams. The gnochchi just melts in your mouth, leaving behing a rich creamy cheese explosion. Not to forget the smooth creamy texture that is buried in the chicken liver parfait and is the perfect mouthful. I can go on and on about the food, but my words will probably do little to no justice to this exceptional spread of plates.

The restaurant is a little on the expensive side, but appropriate pricing for the quality and taste of the food. It’s located in a cosy spot in central seminyak, with the ever popular brunch spot Sisterfields (same owners) right next door. P.s. definitely check out the bathroom (shared with sisterfields) for the ultimate instagram hot shot.

Have you even been to Bali if you haven’t been to mexicola? Basically a must visit spot, if not for the food, just for the ambience. This spot will transport you to the other side of the world – Mexico. I love the shrine at the entrance and the snazzy neon signs/lights everywhere. Not only is the decoration colourful, but so are their staff. You’d definitely want to wait till the party gets started around 10 o’clock because thats when the real side of Mexicola comes out. Everything is meant for dancing – the staircase, the chairs, the table, the bar. You name it, its’ yours for the dancing.


They serve up some decent enchiladas, tortillas and tacos, that you can wash down with some a good mix of cocktails. The perfect start to a night on the town (before you head down to everyones favourite spot to complete your boozy night – La Favela). Motel Mexicola also lies conveniently in the heart of seminyak (near to the brunch spot Sea Circus). P.s. Don’t forget to take a picture on the iconic motel mexicola staircase (you might need to kick out quite a number of others)!

A cute little cafe tucked away in a little part of town that is known for its’ scrumptious food, yummy coffee and cute interiors. I happened to find this coffee on social media on our last morning in bali, so it was a quick drop in. They serve huge portions of your standard breakfast favourites, but the best part as the name suggests is the coffee. They even have a feature where you could pay a little bit extra and get the sweetest design or even your own face printed on your coffee foam (I need to get one of these machines to Sri Lanka ASAP).


The cafe is small and quite popular even though it is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak so do get there a little bit early for breakfast. Your coffee designs and the adorable floor tiles are a must on your instagram grid.

img_1636Oh. my. gosh. the scrumptiousness cannot be adequately explained. With polenta fries, charcoal burgers and perfectly poached egges in your eggs benedict – Sisterfields definitely wins the award for best brunch spot in Bali! Probably one of the busiest spots in Seminyak, this popular cafe definitely lives up to the hype. It might be worthwhile to make a reservation, or if you don’t mind the wait then you can just walk right in.

The polenta fries are heaven on earth – thick cut melt-in-your-mouth fries covered in parmesan gratings. They do one of the best eggs benedicts – two perfectly poached eggs with a delicious  creamy hollaindaise sauce and smoked salmon on toasty sourdough bread. The restaurant shares  a common bathroom with bikini restaurant, so make sure you get your instagram shots in there!

The legendary outside wall of this restaurant is more popular than the food itself, but the food definitely does not disappoint. This colourful restaurant is also one of the busiest in the mornings as their brunch menu finishes at 12. Ive been there for breakfast before, so I tried out the lunch this time and it was certainly worth it. This korean spicy chicken burger wasn’t so spicy for my Sri Lankan taste buds, but it got a great kick to it with the Wasabi Mayo. They also do great tacos and poke bowls!


Definitely give this place a try and do not forget to take a picture with the wall outside – it is instafamous! Just be careful of oncoming traffic when you do!

Bali will always have a special place in my heart for it’s easy and care-free nature. Would definitely recommend it – it has something for everyone!

If you are considering a trip there, heres a few tips:

  • The busiest season is between June and September – capitalizing on the Australian tourists who come to Bali to escape the winter. April is not as busy so things are still cheap and places are not too crowded. Probably the best time to visit!
  • Grab (the asian version of Uber) is available in Seminyak and costs MUCH CHEAPER than the blue bird taxis going around who normally do not use the meter, but just request absurd amounts. Ubud however has banned the use of online taxis/transport in order to protect their local enterpreuners, making it a bit tiresome and a haggle for tourists. You will have to use local taxis in Ubud.
  • If comfortable navigating the narrow crowded streets of Bali, then you could hire a scooter for the day for very cheap.
  • Always remember to BARGAIN, BARGAIN & BARGAIN! Start at half the price they state for any item and hold your ground. It is always better to suss out a few stalls before making a purchase as most of them sell similar/the same items.
  • Ubud is definitely the place for market shopping – they have a central market opposite the palace full of vendors with beautiful items. The market shopping is Seminyak is a bit all over the place and more expensive.
  • For some traditional culture/dances, the Ubud palace puts on a super show for just 100,000 IDR. Make sure you get there early and keep some mosquito repellant on you.
  • Massage parlours are many and even the fanciest ones offer massages at half the price of those in Sri Lanka. Definitely worth getting as many as you can!
  • There are many vegan/vegetarian cafes around so no problems if you are vegan or vegetarian.
  • There are so many places to explore – book once you get to Bali because tours are cheaper than online.
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