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by Dr. Rashmira Balasuriya 


It has been a while since I posted anything about skincare, but its’ mostly because I have been so preoccupied with work that my skincare addiction had to take a backseat. I also must admit that there have been days when I have just been too knackered to religiously follow any part of my night skin care routine. However I’ve used the following products for a good length of time (except for the ceramidin cream which was sample sized), and have found some of my favourites. Listed below are 5 products I used over the last couple of months – click the hyperlink of each product for more information about the product!

As always, remember that works for me may not work for you. My skin is combination/oily and I love to experiment with many types of skin care products – some work better than others!


Laneige lip sleeping mask

  • Laneige lip care mask – A korean skin care product with a lot of hype! I don’t really have dry lips, but they also aren’t exactly Kylie Jenner lips either. What I wanted was a moisturizer specifically for the lips and so gave this a try. I used the berry flavour every night and in addition to the nice creamy balm consistency, it literally tastes and smells of strawberry bubblegum. I definitely did wake up with softer lips, but if you’re out for plump lips then this is not for you (Toofaced lip injection is more for plump lips). Theres 20g of product – which will guarantee last you a while – for about $27 (singapore dollars) and so it is affordable. Quite a few of my friends with chapped lips who have used this have really raved about it so I would definitely say its’ worth a try if you have dry or chapped lips. Overall I would give it a 3/5 rating – may be a possible re-purchase!


  • IMG_4395

    Supergoop everyday sunscreen

    Supergoop everyday sunscreen SPF 50 – Finding the perfect sun block has always been a challenge for me. I mean sunscreen and brown skin doesn’t always go hand in hand together as most of the time I’ve ending up looking grey and ghostly, with a lot of shine and sweat. After doing a lot of research, I finally heard about supergoop and was so excited to try it out. This brand has taken sun protection to another level and has so many products which offer adequate protection against those ageist sun rays. Remember that your sunscreen should atleast be SPF 30 to effectively block at least 97% of UV sun rays. There is no point getting a sunscreen with a lesser spf. This takes a couple of minutes to soak in – I apply it in the AM and immediately stay under the fan/AC for it to soak in inorder to avoid the sweat. Ideally you should be applying sunscreen every 2 hours, but I’ll be honest that is a challenge! It isn’t just sun rays that you need to protect yourself from, but also from the rays emitted by light bulbs (hospitals are full of tube lights!). I love this supergoop sunscreen and am almost half the way through my tube, but they also have sunscreen sticks which are like deodarants, refresh setting mists which would definitely be easier when it comes to reapplying sunscreen and they also have an invisible setting powder  sunscree which comes with a brush attached so that you can dust it on over your make up. ABSOLUTE GENIUS! 5/5 for this product – I can’t wait to explore the rest of the line!


  • Jet lag mask by Summer Fridays – I was a bit apprehensive of this, not going to lie. There was a lot of “influencer” hype surrounding this product when it came out. It’s a thick cream that can be used as a masque treatment if a thick layer is applied and then wiped off, or as a moisturizer if a thin layer is applied. It has no overwhelming fragrance but can smell a bit like a medicinal lotion. I use it as a moisturizer and a little bit definitely goes a long way so only squeze a little bit out of the tube. It takes a while to absorb into the skin so definitely wait a couple of minutes before you your face hits the pillow or else there will be more product on the pillow than your face. It comes in a toothpaste like aluminium tube so remember to squeeze out every drop when you come to the end of the tube. My skin definitely does feel hydrated the day after and I am pretty impressed by it so I’ll give it a 4/5 – definite repurchase option for moisturizer! I also can’t wait to try out the other summer friday products available.


  • Ceramidin Cream by Dr. Jart+ – This is a very thick and creamy moisturizer which containes ceramide that is kind of like the glue between your skin cells – its’ a waxy substance that helps the skin retain its’ moisture and hydration. Perfect for those with dry skin or eczema as it definitely acts as an emollient. It is a bit too thick for day-wear in the hot tropics of Sri Lanka, but soaks in fine if you wear it at night. Do not immediately fall asleep after you apply it though as, just like the jet lag mask, it takes a couple of minutes to soak into the skin. Again, a little bit goes a long way and it definitely should be applied last in your skincare routine. Probably a bit too thick for me and so I won’t be repurchasing, but it would be perfect for those with drier skin. For this reason, I would give it a 3/5.


  • img_4388Clinique moisture surge 72 hour auto repleneshing hydrator – As you can see I’ve finished the whole jar of this product which is a testimony to how much I loved it despite the mouthful of a name that it has. It’s a pink gel like cream which quickly absorbs you into the skin and gives you a feeling of immediate hydration.  Not really sure about this 72 hour hydrator though because I do wash my face atleast twice a day and don’t really leave this on for 72 hours. It is thin enough to apply during the day even through the Sri Lankan heat, but I still prefer to use moisturizers at night. It doesn’t break the bank, and is definitely my go-to tub of moisturizer to purchase when I’m not experimenting with any other moisturizer brand. I would definitely give it a 5/5 and keep one in stock at all times!



There were no products that I tried out over the last couple of months that I genuinely hated. All the products were actually pretty good, but my favourite has definitely been the supergoop sunscreen because I just found it so difficult to find one I liked all this time. I’m currently in the process of trying a few new products from the Ordinary, the Inkey list and Shiseido which I will review in a couple of months again. If you guys have any products that you think I should be trying out, do comment below or send me a message!

Here’s a list of the top 5 things on my shopping list to purchase for the future:

  • Wander beauty eye masks
  • Charlotte Tilbury magic cream
  • Super goop Defense Refresh setting mist
  • Ole henriksen truth serum
  • Drunk Elephant c-firma day serum
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